Altre / Others Like You (2017)

Altre / Others Like You (2017)

Written by: Raffaele Palazzo
Directed by: Eugenio Villani
Sound Design: Alessandro Nepote Vesin

Produced by: Haselwurm produzioni

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Ester is a woman who has a strong longing to get pregnant. Following a surgical procedure, though, Greta – her family doctor and long-standing friend – diagnoses her with total sterility.

Ester’s original desire thus becomes a growing obsession, and Ester starts having one-night stands hoping for a miracle. After the nth casual encounter, some early symptoms and a positive pregnancy test brings back the hope she had almost completely lost.when greta – who had the same experience as ester in the past and could never have children – gets to know about ester’s pregnancy, she becomes mad with jealousy: she will do anything she can to make ester face the same fate as her.

Others like you is a short film produced in may 2016 by Haselwurm produzioni, an italian company founded in 2011. The short is now distributed by Gonella Distribution (worldwide).
We were inspired by a folktale of the Northern Italian region of Piemonte which talks about Vania- a creature who catches it’s victim mimicking the cry of a newborn.
Others like you actually does not fully fit into the horror genre, but it’s rather something more in tune with a certain concept of European film – Ben Whitley and Fabrice Du Welz, just to name a couple of examples; the kind of filmmaking that cross-breeds genres and evokes ancient traditions where legends and fairy tales keep transforming and mingling with each other.

Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, Outstanding Achievement Award.
Official Selection from IMDb qualifying Los Angeles Film Awards.
Award of Recognition from HIMPFF (May 2017 Winner)